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Winter without drugs. Homeopathics to COMMON COLD. When a cold is in full swing to buy over the counter, homeopathics, which requires every hour. If this method of treatment, do not believe, do not drink fizzy drinks or eat tablets with zinc, which inhibits the replication of the virus. Also vyuzkousejte kapnout tea from twenty to thirty drops echinacey or get the medication that contains it. Well in fact stimulates the immune system.

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even mega vitamin C is in pill form I prefer the gradual release, or natural. This vitamin really works like cleaning the platoon, which the body collects waste. And, of course, more rest and spete. During sleep, the body gathers strength and immune system, it may better cope with the disease. Also look at the video of how a psychological state affects how often we get sick: Common cold. Fever Hleny throat Nizka telesna temperature examinations Rhyme nasopharyngitis and Pharyngitis the symptoms of rhinitis Rear 10.6.2008 edition uLekare. Rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa. As a rule, manifests the feeling of the nose during sneezing and vodnatym or hnisavym air. Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, raises a lot of different reasons. The most common cause are viruses belonging to the group of so-called rhinoviru. Over 200 of them, and they are very common. Cough cough inflammation of the nasal mucosa

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Common cold is generally a common human disease. “Zdomacnela” so the few of us notice. Thus, as long as it does not itself suffering. Common cold on myself, may be inconvenient to draw attention. The main problems include discharge from the nose. With common colds, therefore, is inextricably linked eating large quantities of kapesniku. Napkins are used already in ancient Rome. Then it is, however, not the practical guide it was fashionable and a symbol urozeneho origin. In the middle ages were popular embroidered napkins, which Mr. to sacrifice their rytirum as a sign of affection. Wipes similar to today’s, originated in Italy. Expansion and greater use they became widespread only in the 18th. century. According to some, that significantly affected your favorite tobacco. From visible places on clothing scarf at the same time, for obvious reasons, moved in the pocket. From the original vznosnych the use of veils or facalit stabilized so today in the “handkerchief”. Original cloths, fashion accessories, had different forms. They were round, oval, rectangular or have a shape of a triangle. To hold today’s square with the supposedly captured the French king Louis XVI. Original silk, cotton and other materials used for the production of kapesniku replaced today the most commonly used paper. Even if a kind of shawl, of course, have lost the old tone of the novel, its use more pleasant and more hygienic.

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Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, raises a lot of different reasons. The most common cause are viruses belonging to the group of so-called rhinoviru. Over 200 of them, and they are very common. When you inhale penetrate into the nose and settle on his mucosa. They multiply and cause local inflammation. But this contributes to the weakening of the body in prochlazeni. In addition, infection may be the cause drazdeni mucosa and inflammatory processes and allergic reactions. Triggers are allergens from the environment. Known common allergen, like pollen and traviny (hay fever). Apart from them, an inflammation of the nasal mucosa may participate and other substances that you come in every day to contact (feathers, dust, animal dander and dust mites). Called. allergic rhinitis is divided into seasonal or year round, to the point where you can come in contact with an allergen.


Common cold

You have nasal congestion, sore throat and overall you feel something growing? Try checked babske allusions to the rhyme and to get rid of it in one day. But if problems persist, rather, to go to the doctor.

10 steps that will help you

is guaranteed to get rid of it. Although it is said that lecena a cold lasts seven days, not to treat a week, but really it’s not. If the rhyme is not considered to be much more likely that it added other complications. The viruses that cause them, can add and bacterial infections, thus, threaten the inflammation of the sinuses, throat, bronchi or lungs, hnisava tonsillitis or otitis. If netrpite for repeated and lengthy rhyme, to which are added other flu symptoms, you should not ulehat in bed. However, even if for three days, at least some traffic problems does not solve the problem, it is better to consult a doctor. Could this be a harbinger of a nasty viral flu. Get rid of a cold night! Thanks to the old Russian recipe. Babske allusions to the rhyme If prepadne unpleasant tickling in the nose, try to fool our grandmothers. Put your hands up to the elbows in hot water and hold it as long as possible. In the morning while taking a bath, in turn, legs nahrejte current hot water and you can wear warm socks.┬á

In the evening a hot bath helps. Lie down in the tub and pripoustejte hot water up to 42 degrees. Spa kapnete a little fir essential oil. In a few minutes, carefully wipe with a towel, and zachumlejte in vyhrate bed. Keep sweat at least 30 minutes. Thus, artificially induced fever helps to kill the viruses.Nerpodcenujte also diet, which focuses on rhyme seriously affected. When cold eliminate dairy products, but instead you belong to fruits, vegetables and herbal teas. For dinner, drink something with hlivou ├║stricnou, which supports the immune system. Best natural antibiotikem garlic. In the morning chop them finely tooth, put in a spoon zalijte a small amount of honey and spolknete. In the end, you can prepare a strong decoction, which has a similar odhlenovaci effects as drops bromhexinem. Chef suggest: How to prepare a good homemade soup

How to remove nasal congestion

Bath, chamomile tea or naordinujte aromatherapy. On a paper towel kapnete a few drops of eucalyptus, myrrh, thyme or juniper, zmackejte it into small balls and vdechujte aroma alternately by the mouth and nose. You can also try to rinse the nose. Osolenou a little water or mineralku Vincentku pour it into the bowl, nose slightly vtahnete inside and vysmrkejte. Repeat three to five times a day. Nose hydrotherapy helps to reduce swelling of the mucous membranes. If you are unable to work to breathe, buy a medicine, but the house just cichnout just nastrouhanemu horseradish that your nose is very relaxing. Be careful if in drops or spray, salt water should never take longer than a week, maximum three times a day.